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Onyx de Mico

ARI : # 833161
Sex : M
DOB : 7/1/2001
Color : Bay Black
Sire : "Michelangelo"
Dam : Emory's Hot Cocoa
Fiber Analysis:
'02 AFD:21.8,SD:4.2, CV:19.2, %>30:2.5

'06 AFD:25.6,SD:5.1, CV:19.9, CF:84.8, CRVE:30.4

2011 Breeding Fee : $1,500
Onyx De Mico

The only herdsire we know of with a "Ribbon Guarantee!" Simple, show in you Onyx cria in at least shows, we guarantee a ribbon, or your next Onyx breeding is on us!
Two-Time AOBA Winner, out of the Pperuvian Guellermo line. Onyx is known for his incredibly dense, crimpy fleece and wonderful disposition. Judges have commented on his consistency all the way to his belly.

  • 1st Place AOBA 2003 Bay Black Yearling. Judge Jude Anderson. Judge held Onyx in the ring during the color championships (over a Dom Lucillio son who recently sold for $180,000!) stating "it was a tight squeeze between these three. These are the types of males you want to breed to." In addition "whoa he's got it going on under the tail!"
  • 1st Place 2003 Alpaca Western Extravaganza (AWE) 2003 Judge Jude Anderson
  • 1st Place 2003 Alpacapalooza. PLUS Huacaya Black Male Color Champion. Judge Amanda Vandenbosch: "...the complete package"
  • 1st Place AOBA 2002 Bay Black Juvenile. Judge Mike Safley reported that Onyx's fleece "appeared to be at least 1 Micron finer than the second place finisher." In addition he said that Onyx 's fleece showed signs of pencilling not normally seen in Huacayas..."excellent fleece."
  • Ribbon Winner at 2002 Alpacapalooza.
  • Ribbon Winner at 2002 CABA judged by Dr. Julio Sumar. Dr. Sumar said of Onyx..."Perfect Conformation"
  • 2nd Place Calpaca 2002 - Judge Kristen Berman
  • 1st Place Alpacamania (SOJAA) 2002 - Judge Mary Reed. "best fleece in the class, showing signs of bundling"
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1/2 Interest in Onyx de Mico is now available. Please contact us for more information.


Kryptonite's Chaos

ARI : # 20000264
Sex : M
DOB : 6/14/2005
Color : True Black
Sire : Kryptonite
Dam : Daddy's Girl
Fiber Analysis : AFD:22.6, SD:4.4,
CV:19.7, CF: 95.1, CRVE:26.9
Price: $3,500 (1/2 Interest)
Other: True Black Legacy Grandson

Non-Fading True Black Legacy Grandson (Crescent Moon's Kryptonite son) Do we need to say more? Beautiful fleece with a ton of character and the handle of butter! His first Cria - Thulisa, has already won 5 Blue ribbons and 1 Color Championship!

  • 1st Place and Reserve Color Champ Heart of the Valley 2006
  • 2nd Place (behind Res. Color Champ) Great Midwest Alpaca Festival 2006
  • 4th Place Alpacapalooza 2007



    ARI : # 30461475
    Sex : M
    DOB : 9/26/06
    Color : Dark Fawn
    Sire : Kryptonite
    Dam : Tandela
    Fiber Analysis : TBD
    Price: $3,500

    Varsity Alpaca

    Our best girl (2 AOBA Blue Ribbons) bred to Kryptonite. We got everything we were hoping for. He's got very promising fleece, a "herdsire attitude" from day one and perfect conformation.

  • 6th Place Alpacapalooza 2008 (of 14 - smallest in class)
  • 1st Place Alpacapalooza Spin Off 2009

  •   - Females -

    Onyx's Honeymoon

    ARI : # 20014537
    Sex : F
    DOB : 7/20/2005
    Color : Med Fawn
    Sire : Onyx de Mico
    Dam : Glow in the Dark
    Fiber Analysis : AFD:18.6. SD:3.6,CV:19.3, CF:99.5, CRVE35.6
    Price: $3,000

    This is the one that can only be described as WOW! From her first week, we knew "Honey" was special. Dense and crimpy like her Two-Time AOBA winning sire - Onyx de Mico, but in a delicious honey color. Honey is loaded with pedigree and color. Her grandparents are TB, MB, LF and BB. She carries the Dom Lucillo, General Schwarzkopf and Guellermo lines. And talk about conformation, Onyx has done it again!

    JRAM's Highland Fling

    ARI : # 30675674
    Sex : F
    DOB : 5/30/2007
    Color : Light Brown
    Sire : Storm's Rogelio
    Dam : Farinhas 9187 IMPAC98
    Fiber Analysis : 2004: AFD:19.4,SD:4.0,Cv:20.6,%>30u:1.1
    Price: $2,000

    Winnie is a statuesque, light brown female with a darker muzzle and black "eye shadow". She has a very fine, "crinkle" fleece with a nice staple length - approximately 4/5 inches. She has a strong, upright conformation and straight legs. Winnie has some wonderful genetics in her background. Her grandsire is Patagonia's Neruda - a name every breeder knows - who sold at auction for $205,000, and great-grandsire Shackleton, now deceased, who won many color championships and maintained his baby-fine fleece as he aged. Farinhas, Winnie's dam, is easy to breed and births easily with no assistance. She is a caring mother and an excellent milk producer, with her cria gaining about 1/2 a pound per day. Winnie's sister, Estrella, gave birth to her 2nd cria last year, unassisted, has exhibited the same dedication to her cria as her mother and produced plenty of milk for her daughter. With this type of "family" history, Winnie should prove to be an excellent production female.


    ARI : # 818298
    Sex : F
    DOB : 7/5/2000
    Color : Dark Fawn
    Sire : 6Peruvian Accoyo The Last Don
    Dam : 6Peruvian Dona Malva
    Fiber Analysis: AFD: 24.3, SD:4.7, CV: 19.1, %>30: 9.0
    Price: $1,000

    The Last Don, East coast Bloodlines. Tandela has perfect conformation, incredible luster and great temperament. Due to low milk production we have left her open, and she sells with no reproductive guarantee.

    • 1st Place AOBA Fleece Show 2004
    • 1st Place AOBA Spin-off 2003
    • 1st Place Alpacamania 2003 Fleece - Judge Phil Schwietzer
    • 2nd Place Alpacapalooza 2003 Spin Off
    • 2nd Place Calpaca 2002 . Judge Julie Otis-Skinner "Beautiful handling fleece. Great Brightness, luster and hand."
    • 3rd Place Fleece Alpacamania - October 2002 . Judge Mary Reed.

    JRAM's Hope Everlasting

    ARI : # 30945661
    Sex : F
    DOB : 06/06/2007
    Color : Dark Fawn
    Sire : JRAM'S The Great Santini
    Dam : JRAM's Chelcee One Spot
    Price: $3,000

    Fiber Analysis: TBD

    Hope is a beautiful dark fawn female with soft doe eyes and a gentle nature. She has presence and an eye-catching appeal. Hopes fleece is bright with low amplitude, medium frequency crimp and a buttery handle. She has a tight bonnet and good, overall coverage. Her conformation is correct, with an excellent bite and a solid bone structure. Her grandsire, Bolivian Chieftain, has over 100 cria on the ground and all show extraordinary consistency in their fiber and ideal confirmation. Her great-grandsire, Sayvon of Boliva, now retired, has been one of the best producers of his rich mahogany color, maintaining low microns even as he aged.

    Chica de Onyx

    ARI : 30412989
    Sex : F
    DOB : 8/27/2005
    Color : Medium Fawn Fawn
    Sire : Onyx de Mico
    Dam : Copihue
    Price: 3,000

    Fiber Analysis:
    Alpaca Picture - Chica

    Chica is full of color. Her full sister is a true black! With her sire being Bay Black and her Dam Rose Grey, Chica is an affordable way to bring both bloodlines and color to your herd. She in conformationally correct and sells with a breeding to our Kryptonite's Chaos (first True Black son of Crescent Moon's Kryptonite).

    Evita of Chuckanut

    ARI : # 849133
    Sex : F
    DOB : 9/13/2003
    Color : True Black
    Sire : Basils Donovan
    Dam : Helena
    Fiber Analysis : Coming Soon
    Price: 3,000


    Evita has a star studded ARI. Her dam has won multiple blue ribbons in spin-offs including the 2002 Winter Nationals and 2003 Alpacapalooza and judges choice at Alpacapalooza. Her grandsire is the famous Shakleton and her fleece shows it. Oh yes, don't forget her maternal great grandsire -Peruvian Victor. This girl is the complete package.

  • 5th Place 2003 Alpaca Western Extravaganza (AWE) 2003 � Class included the Color Champs from 2004 HOV and 2004 SW regional

  • "7th" Place at AOBA 2004 Nationals (class of 15). Held in the ring with top placers. Judges comments...4th through 7th were very close.Currently bred to Onyx de Mico for a July 2007 cria. Her first baby was a bay black boy with "popcorn fleece" from the day he was born.

  •   - Gelding -


    ARI : #
    Sex : G
    DOB : 7/21/2010
    Color : Fawn /Multi
    Sire :
    Dam : Tandela
    Price: $150/pair
    Whittles Alpaca

    Whittles is the product of two award winning parents, but even those combinations can throw a surprise. Blue-eyed, and deaf, he has been culled from the breeding pool for obvious reasons. However, he produces the same buttery fiber that his mom is famous for. It spins into a warm farm color fleece, and he makes a perfect fleece producer.


    ARI : # 3144132
    Sex : G
    DOB : 7/9/2008
    Color : Beige
    Sire : Onyx De Mico
    Dam : Princess Angeline
    Price: $150 /pair
    Dante Alpaca

    Dante is a sweet boy who produces a beige (almost apricot) colored fleece. We blend it each year with our dark colors to make soft shades of grey.


    ARI : #
    Sex : G
    DOB : 06/06/2010
    Color : Light Fawn
    Price: $150/Pair

    Fiber Analysis: TBD
    TEEBEE Alpaca

    Tee Bee has a very crimpy dense fiber, that for a bit more consistency and fineness would have made him a herdsire candidate. A very good fleece producer here!


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